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Be the PARENT your children will be proud of during ADULTHOOD

Help your children navigate their behavioral, developmental, emotional and mental health struggles

Help is available

Areas I can help you

Parenting therapy

What aspect of parenting are you struggling with your child? Tantrum? destructive behaviors? rebellion to instructions?

Couples therapy

What concern do you want to seek intervention for? communication? alignment? sex? money? in-law drama?

Personalized therapy

What are you struggling with as a parent? yelling? hitting? depression? trauma? unresolved hurt?


Assess my library for parenting books that meet your parenting concerns.

Join the movement

Let's join hands to lay a better legacy for the next generation.

About Me.


On the side line, I am a Parenting coach and behavioral therapist. I help parents with the tools and strategies to help their children deal with developmental, behavioral emotional and mental health difficulties.

A certified Marriage and Family therapist (MFT), Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), certified Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), certified Neurological repatterner.

Tedx speaker, trainer, writer and author of 11 books, including frustration-free parenting, contemporary parenting, Understanding sibling rivalry, How to raise an emotionally responsible child, and lot more.

Team lead of Parenting Klinic, a platform that equips parents with repository skills to raise happy, responsible and wholesome adults.

They Say

Juliet Ojukwu

Teen coach

" If there is one coach you should always go to for guidance and intervention, it's my coach"

Linus paul

Marriage coach

"You're exceptional at what you do. Your patience and vulnerability makes you different"

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